As Puglia is situated at the tip of the Italian peninsula formed like a boot and facing the Adriatic Sea, the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean Sea. This topography made this culture original and unique incubated the mixture of Greek and Arabic.
The culture of wine-making in Puglia came down before or in the period of ancient Phoenicia around the 14th century BC. However, full scaled cultivation of vineyard did not begin until the 8th century BC, when the time NEGRO AMARO, red wine grape variety native to Southern Italy, came in to this territory.
Thanks to its beautiful whether and application irrigation system, Puglia is now known as the biggest farm area that the productivity of olive oil and tomato is the highest in all Italy. Furthermore, Puglia is at the 2nd place of highest productivity of wine after Veneto.

Puglia is situated in the Mediterranean climate zone and the weather is always stable.
Summer is very hot but has dry wind. Winter is warm with scarce rain.

Soil of Puglia is unique in the way that it consists of soft limestone. Therefore, the water inside the ground will be stored and filtered and become groundwater rich in mineral. This rich groundwater enables vine plants to consume sufficient amount of nourishment and grown well.